How To Get Your Figure Back After Baby

This post probably contains affiliate links to items I absolutely love and have found success using and I know you will too. I am not  a health care provider this is just what worked for me, so for any health advice I give on nutrition and weight loss you should consult a doctor first.

Even before I was pregnant, I was never a gym junkie or someone who could follow a set of exercises (I got bored way too easily). So once I gave birth, I knew I had to figure out a way to lose the baby weight. 

With my first child, I only gained 17 pounds, I lived in a three story house and I walked up and down hundreds of steps a day. I didn’t realize at the time that those stairs were my built in gym. My second pregnancy after I had moved to Florida, I gained 40 pounds. More than double the baby weight the second time around. Eventually I lost it all, but it took some work. So here is my 8 step list of the best ways to  lose weight after having a baby.

  1. Get a postpartum girdle. These are usually for women who have had a c-section, but anyone can get one. The girdle helps shrink your belly and uterus back to their normal size. I used this after my second pregnancy and saw results in a week! The 3 in 1 Postpartum girdle is my favorite. There are 3 different belts for the different stages of healing. There are plenty of ways you can use this, you can sleep in it or wear it under your clothes when you go out. Whichever feels best for you. 
  2. Drink lots and lots of water. This really just goes for life in general, but once I dropped soda and sugary drinks, I lost weight immediately. I prefer to drink out of glass or stainless steel. My favorite glass bottle has a silicone sleeve and time markers to help you monitor and increase your daily water intake! Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated and you need water fast!
  3. Having a huge sweet tooth, made it a lot more difficult to lose weight, because unfortunately watching what you eat is a necessary evil. After my second, I decided to give meal planning a try. I don’t think I’ll ever look back. It took me a few months to get used to it, I have never been the best cook in the world, so meal planning books really came through with a lot of materials that made the transition easier. The Smart Meal Prep for Beginners book was my favorite for just getting started.
  4. Get Moving! The first days back from the hospital you really shouldn’t be doing much of anything and believe me, you probably won’t want to. But getting up and walking around, will help. After my first pregnancy, the stairs were a good friend of mine in my three story townhouse. I didn’t even realize how much weight I was losing until my friends and family mentioned it.
  5. Once the first 6 weeks postpartum are up and you’ve been cleared for more vigorous exercise, Go Outside! Babies are tote-able. Especially for walks and jogs, babies love being outside and the fresh air can be so enjoyable. This is the best stroller, that has ever been purchased on a whim. It was comfortable for my youngest daughter, she was and still is, a troubled sleeper, but 10 minutes in this stroller and she was out, for hours at a time. Thanks to this stroller, we can go on walks for hours, and when she falls asleep, I can get some much needed quiet alone time. The canopy is huge which is great for protecting her from the Florida sun. The wheels also make it easy to maneuver and great for going over any terrain that isn’t pavement. I even use my roller-blades instead of jogging and have no problems at all. My oldest daughter loves the park, after my second daughter was born, we’d all take a stroll to the park, by the time we’d get there my youngest would be asleep and me and my oldest would have some nice time together.

6. After 8-12 weeks, when you’ve made it to your new normal and you can do more intense workouts, here’s where you can start to have some fun. You can start some pilates and yoga, however, if your kids are like mine, they many not give you the time to yourself. So I always tried to incorporate my kids into my exercises, using them as weights or having them workout with me was so cute it could make your heart melt. But what they really loved were bike rides. When I had my first, I had a great bike seat that she loved, we rode everywhere together, she even fell asleep most times. Once I had my second, I needed a new form of transportation, when I found a baby trailer for bikes, I could almost hear angels singing (It’s so strange the things you’ll get excited for once you’re a mom). Both of my daughters can fit in it (3 and 1), they have plenty of room too, so I know my oldest will be able to fit in it until she can ride her own bike. We bike everywhere together, the store, the beach,  the park, and sometimes just around our neighborhood.

7. Go to the beach or the pool! Most babies love the water (They were just floating around in some for 9 months). I’m lucky enough to live a bike ride away from the beach and have a community pool in my neighborhood. Trips to one of these two places (if not both) occur on a weekly basis. Not only do I get exercise biking or rollerblading them there, but then swimming with them is a low impact workout that really gets you results. My oldest daughter is taking swim classes and just upgraded to only using arm floaties in the pool and my youngest is loving her pool floatie too, they can spend all day at the pool or the beach  and I can get some much needed exercise without feeling like it. It’s a win-win situation.

8. Last but certainly not least, Please give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you just went through one of the most emotionally and physically demanding tasks on the planet. It took 9 months to put on the weight and it will take the same amount of time to at least get rid of it. A large part of losing weight is mental. Positive self talk can do wonders, instead of being angry at yourself for not being able to exercise a certain day or for eating a bowl of ice cream (or two) just know, one day isn’t going to ruin everything. Be lenient, you deserve it.

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