Find Your Inner Chi (Qi) with Anise Star Essential Oil

This post probably contains affiliate links to items I absolutely love and have found success using and I know you will too. I am not  a health care provider this is just what worked for me, so for any health advice I give on nutrition, health and weight loss you may want to check with a doctor first.

In Chinese medicine, Anise Star is used to help replenish Qi (chi) and can be used in Aromatherapy Massage for this purpose. Because of this, many can feel the relief of pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. It can help restore your energy or Qi when feeling both physically and mentally exhausted or fatigued. When you give your body what it needs to restore and replenish itself, the results are increased energy as well as the desire or will to do more because your strength comes from within.

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Diffuser Recipes:
Sweet Dreams – To encourage pleasant sleep
•    3 drops Anise
•    3 drops Chamomile
•    2 drops Orange
Cough- to sooth a cough due to cold, bronchitis or asthma– Can be used in steam inhalations, or in a diffuser
•    2-3 drops Anise

Massage Oils
Menstrual Discomfort – Mix in one tablespoon carrier oil. Massage in abdomen and low back.
•    3 drops Anise
•    2 drops Lavender
•    1 drop Ginger
Tummy Aid- to help with stomach upset, or over indulgence.  Mix in one tablespoon carrier oil. Massage in abdomen.
•    3 drops Anise
•    1 drop Chamomile
•    2 drops Ginger
Cough – Use as chest rub, dilute in 1 tsp. carrier oil:
•    3 drops Anise
Warming Massage Oil for muscle, joint aches and/or cramping: Mix in 1 oz. carrier oil.
•    4 drops Anise
•    3 drops Cinnamon
•    1 drop Orange

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Restorative Massage Oil– Re balance, relax and restore energy. Great blend for fatigue and exhaustion both mentally and physically. Massage pulse points, abdomen and low back. Can be also used in a full body Aromatherapy Massage.
 In an amber glass bottle with 2 oz. carrier oil of your choice blend the following:
•    6 drops Anise
•    5 drops Lavender
•    5 drops Frankincense
•    4 drops Atlas Cedarwood
•    3 drops Bergamot

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